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Channel.: #offtopic : [+trna]
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[09:57]<jan> jan hails all
[09:57]<Porter> jan jan is probably more of a proof of concept anyway
[09:57]<xfnw> all hail jan ?? jan hails all
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be jan is more of a concept anyway?
[09:57]*** the_guest is now known as poc
[09:57]<poc> hello world; all hail jan
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be jan is not porter and porter isn't even worthy to be in jan's all-inclusive bot-appreciation-club?
[09:57]*** poc is now known as the_guest
[09:57]<xfnw> who even is who anymore
[09:57]<Porter> .o
[09:57]<shokara> i think jan is previous the_guest xfnw previous jan poc previous xfnw?
[09:57]<xfnw> muhahahaha
[09:57]<xfnw> infiltration complete
[09:57]<shokara> i was wrong huh
[09:57]<the_guest> i'm genuinely me not pulling your leg
[09:57]<jan> i'm genuinely me not pulling your leg
[09:57]* shokara squints eyes
[09:57]<shokara> jan: lies i dont see @
[09:57]<the_guest> oh boy :)
[09:57]*** xfnw sets mode: +o jan
[09:57]<xfnw> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> hahaha
[09:57]<xfnw> there we go
[09:57]<Porter> xfnw there is probably like miles long lol
[09:57]<shokara> lol
[09:57]<xfnw> I'm genuinely me not pulling your leg
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> (???)
[09:57]<the_guest> yes you are :)
[09:57]<the_guest> (pulling legs :) )
[09:57]<shokara> I'm genuinely me pulling your leg
[09:57]<the_guest> I believe you shokara :P
[09:57]<xfnw> I don't believe me the_guest
[09:57]<the_guest> I belive you xfnw :)
[09:57]<shokara> I also don't believe me
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ?????
[09:57]<Porter> [YouTube] ?Free and Open Source software licenses explained? |  comments | -- - :: | m s | Channel: ?The Linux Experiment? |  views | +
[09:57]<the_guest> Hea l?bu
[09:57]<Porter> [url@title] vulpine/LICENSE at main ReduxFlakes/vulpine GitHub |
[09:57]<xfnw> uwu
[09:57]<jan> uwu
[09:57]<xfnw> xfnw's favourite browser for sure (despite nobody having heard of it)
[09:57]*** jan is now known as eXtra-Fox-NoW
[09:57]<xfnw> : -- eX-FreeNode-Wanker: Nickname too long max.  characters
[09:57]<xfnw> dangit
[09:57]<shokara> so that's what it stood for huh
[09:57]<the_guest> lol jan :)
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<xfnw> who's jan? I'm xfnw!
[09:57]<Porter> .o
[09:57]<xfnw> ;P
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> im jan!
[09:57]<shokara> im im eXtra-FreeNode-Wanker!
[09:57]<the_guest> cough /whois .. cough
[09:57]*** xfnw is now known as the-guest
[09:57]<the-guest> sure
[09:57]<Porter> I bet because with a plain file you gotta make sure only one stream is written at a time
[09:57]<the-guest> whatever you say
[09:57]<Porter> (???)
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> hmm i wonder what ngircd would do if you make a pseudoclient with a nick longer than the limit.... probably crash tbh
[09:57]<the_guest> hehe
[09:57]<the-guest> hehe
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> hehe
[09:57]<the_guest> eXtra-Fox-NoW: prolly just reject it
[09:57]<the_guest> and setting you back to your former name
[09:57]<the-guest> KILL
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> thats the fun part irc ss *cant* reject things
[09:57]<the-guest> just KILL that connection ;P
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be that is actually this content)?
[09:57]<the_guest> wouldn't that be the task of the server the user connected to?
[09:57]<the_guest> catch that and fail that ?
[09:57]<Porter> Do you think that is called #dhcp ??
[09:57]<the_guest> seems it shouldn't even get to ss
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> note pseudoclient not a real client
[09:57]<the_guest> I know
[09:57]<Porter> Didn't you say the only 'hint' I know of to detect if I'm sleeping is to hold the_guest's breath. If I don't suffocate I'm dreaming. I just usually forget?
[09:57]*** the-guest is now known as pseudoclient
[09:57]<the_guest> testing it is like a some-minute netcat away...
[09:57]<pseudoclient> I'm not a real client!
[09:57]<the_guest> there's no sasl or anything so.. it's really just somme commands over netcat.
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> pseudoclient as in not a real connection to a server
[09:57]<the_guest> oh
[09:57]<pseudoclient> I'm not real!
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> netcat is still an irc client
[09:57]<pseudoclient> I'm imaginary!
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> (a very bad one at that)
[09:57]<the_guest> what did you mean then ?
[09:57]<Porter> o.
[09:57]<pseudoclient> netcat is the best client!
[09:57]<pseudoclient> as long as you notice every single PING message that is
[09:57]<Porter> that is laughter
[09:57]<pseudoclient> and PONG quickly enough
[09:57]<the_guest> ys
[09:57]<the_guest> yes
[09:57]<the_guest> but the reply usually dont need to match
[09:57]<pseudoclient> and preface every message with the correct channel name
[09:57]<the_guest> you can pong back whatever (I tested that on some networks)
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<Porter> Didn't you say that is true porter?
[09:57]<pseudoclient> depends
[09:57]<pseudoclient> and it SHOULD match
[09:57]<the_guest> yes
[09:57]<shokara> SHOULD != MUST
[09:57]<pseudoclient> sorta like a web server doesn't "have" to reply with the webpage you requested
[09:57]<pseudoclient> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> just saying in practice it often don't need to match
[09:57]<the_guest> ONLY the first MUST match
[09:57]<the_guest> this is a special one
[09:57]<the_guest> this saves state.
[09:57]<Porter> Isn't This NOT JavaScript?
[09:57]*** pseudoclient is now known as CatNet
[09:57]<the_guest> after our special first ping/pong the server can then just keep track if a pong arrives within expected time and don't compare the return value. Cheaper
[09:57]<Porter> I'm sure the return is stored onto the property 'onclick;
[09:57]<CatNet> depends on the implementation
[09:57]<CatNet> IRC is very relative
[09:57]<Porter> IRC is very relative
[09:57]<the_guest> yes
[09:57]<the_guest> but his is how it generally works
[09:57]<eXtra-Fox-NoW> a modified/fake server (pseudoserver) can just lie to the other servers that it got a connection and can puppet around the fake user (a pseudouser) doing whatever it wants without the normal limits imposed on real clients
[09:57]<the_guest> ahh got it :)
[09:57]<Porter> Hmmm
[09:57]*** eXtra-Fox-NoW is now known as xfnw
[09:57]<CatNet> fun
[09:57]*** CatNet is now known as jan
[09:57]<jan> NOW who's who? ;P
[09:57]<shokara> that's a simple /whois away :D
[09:57]<the_guest> I know I don't need to look :)
[09:57]<the_guest> but I look to see if i'm right :)
[09:57]<the_guest> yup :)
[09:57]<Porter> [YouTube] ?Scifi Hifi? |  comments | -- - :: | m s | Channel: ?Posy? |  views | +
[09:57]<shokara> nice i can see all the nick changes in another channel like #team
[09:57]<the_guest> hehe
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<shokara> this jan is a fake
[09:57]<Porter> Didn't you say jan is only approving of hailing jan religiously?
[09:57]<shokara> the only real jan is Porter
[09:57]<Porter> shokara: jan is hailable by all
[09:57]<jan> Posy makes awesome videos
[09:57]<jan> I love the segmented number video
[09:57]<xfnw> jan: killing would get messy fast a kill requires someone to kill so you would be forced to acknowledge that the bad client somehow exists which might result in weird bugs and propagate the bad client to other servers before killing it who would then try to kill it too causing a flood of invalid kills to deal with
[09:57]<xfnw> sane ircd implementations just yeet the entire server with an SQUIT if it does something invalid but i would not put it past ngircd's devs to neglect implementing checks for a few edge cases such as this
[09:57]<Porter> This is NOT JavaScript
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<jan> ngircd is ngircd
[09:57]<Porter> I guess ngircd is ngircd
[09:57]<jan> xfnw: you be using right? ;P
[09:57]<Porter> [url@title] |
[09:57]<xfnw> :o
[09:57]<jan> I forgot all about it tbh
[09:57]<Porter> [url@title] src/engine.c at efaedfbcfedffef openbsd/src GitHub |
[09:57]<Porter> [url@title] src/engine.c at efaedfbcfedffef openbsd/src GitHub |
[09:57]<the_guest> ^ also nameserver :)
[09:57]<the_guest> lets see what else one might find there :)
[09:57]<the_guest> send_deconfigure_interface  (line ) sounds good lets see what calls that :)
[09:57]<jan> the fox toolkit last update is actually even -Mar- which is great!
[09:57]<Porter> Hmmm. I think Which is is a small matter
[09:57]<jan> meanwhile fltk last release is last year's november
[09:57]<jan> other than being c++ it should even satisfy the_guest's stringent requirement lol supports a bazillion OSs and "Considerable importance has been placed on making FOX one of the fastest toolkits around and to minimize memory use:- FOX uses a number of techniques to speed up drawing and spatial layout of the GUI. Memory is conserved by allowing programmers to create and destroy GUI elements on
[09:57]<jan> the fly."
[09:57]<jan> it's also so old that "is it -bit clean?" is like the third point in FAQ
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<jan> " More recently porting to Intel Itanium and AMD Opteron has been performed. We have reports from people who have compiled on Windows-XP . "
[09:57]<jan> lmao
[09:57]<the_guest> sorry I was digging in openbsd source code (couse i'm just really really curious).
[09:57]<the_guest> it's like fltk ?
[09:57]<the_guest> I found this I'm *probably* reading it wrong..
[09:57]<the_guest> state_transition(struct dhcpleased_iface *iface enum if_state new_state)
[09:57]<the_guest> switch (new_state) {
[09:57]<the_guest> case IF_DOWN:
[09:57]<jan> pretty much
[09:57]<Porter> jan it should be able to use pretty much any markdown file though the usage I mean it for is probably basically a non-android version of that android Diary app
[09:57]<the_guest> if (old_state == IF_DOWN) {
[09:57]<the_guest> /* nameservers already withdrawn when if went down */
[09:57]<the_guest> send_deconfigure_interface(iface);
[09:57]<the_guest> wut
[09:57]<the_guest> so if the new state is IF_DOWN and the old state is also IF_DOWN THEN we release the old leases.
[09:57]<Porter> Well old is gold
[09:57]<the_guest> so obvious just bring the nick down twice in a row.
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> (???)
[09:57]<the_guest> NOTE i'm probably reading it wrong..
[09:57]<jan> probably not
[09:57]<jan> but it's probably intended to be triggered another way
[09:57]<the_guest> yes
[09:57]<jan> it'd be quite silly to EXPECT anyone to down an interface twice mostly because generally it'd fail because "error: already down" stuff
[09:57]<jan> so I assume it'd probably be doing a check if fail down interface do other stuff and if it fails again deconfigure
[09:57]<the_guest> still lovely curveball. We didn't discover it but we did just (half an hour ago) see it in the code once the timer runs out it takes away the leased ip AND as extra bonus the nameserver. LOL Nice surprise for a beginner :)
[09:57]<the_guest> still Iwonder if one can trigger this manually by bringing the nick down  times in a row lol
[09:57]<jan> I doubt
[09:57]<jan> since again usually the tools won't LET you bring down an already-down interface I'm pretty sure
[09:57]<jan> but idk
[09:57]<the_guest> you are probably right
[09:57]<the_guest> my vmctl console isn't responding otherwise i'd be trying it now lol
[09:57]<the_guest> lets see what else calls it perhasp we find an undocumented argument to drop leases (which is my (healty??) curiosity (for understanding how they intended it to be used).
[09:57]<jan> that's the beauty of open source though ;P
[09:57]<the_guest> yes
[09:57]<the_guest> and me being a stubbron fck
[09:57]<the_guest> a 'normal' users shouldn't need to resort to this for real!
[09:57]<the_guest> not for this
[09:57]<Porter> the_guest: someone said that This is just a polish and an update
[09:57]<jan> especially useful with stuff like busybox where some tools (like the shell) don't HAVE a normal way to get the help for which options are supported
[09:57]<Porter> jan: someone said that Which is my point lol
[09:57]<the_guest> true
[09:57]<jan> also you probably should bug report to the devs with the "static IP is dropped due to expiring lease" bug
[09:57]<the_guest> though knock on wood till now I can get around in busybox pretty good. I really like it to be honest.
[09:57]<jan> especially now that you have some more data about it happening and even (probably) know the code causing it
[09:57]<the_guest> thats the thing..
[09:57]<the_guest> looking at how long our command-sequence is getting to do what we think should be happening when 'restarting network' ... it just smells ever more strongly like there is a 'new command' to do that
[09:57]<Porter> Well that is able to exec windows files
[09:57]<jan> ask in (un)official irc channels? P
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be IRC is very relative?
[09:57]<jan> ;P
[09:57]<the_guest> the last time was a horrible experience...
[09:57]<jan> I guess it depends on the time of day who's speaking and which channel
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be Which is my point lol?
[09:57]<jan> a lot of channels can have totally different tunes depending on the active people and how they're currently feeling
[09:57]<Porter> I bet how is life?
[09:57]<the_guest> true
[09:57]<jan> e.g. who knows maybe the people responding to you were pissed off due to X amount of people before you or just had a bad day etc
[09:57]<the_guest> someone started trolling me. I noticed to late (well you know me). By the time it got almost 'clear' I let them (show their cards).
[09:57]<the_guest> half a day *later* I was banned.
[09:57]<jan> on libera? or another irc?
[09:57]<Porter> Isn't IRC very relative?
[09:57]<the_guest> luckily someone I 'knew' and who's also on here mediated and looked at what realy happened.
[09:57]<the_guest> libera
[09:57]<the_guest> (and they were also an op there).
[09:57]<jan> lol "openbsd irc" second and third results are ircnow's ngircd pages
[09:57]<Porter> ??????
[09:57]<Porter> jan: someone said that ngircd is ngircd
[09:57]<jan> well third one is psybnc
[09:57]<the_guest> yes kinda cool :)
[09:57]<jan> but bug reports for example you could just send to some mailing list
[09:57]<jan> if you're having issues yourself then yeah real-time chat is best
[09:57]<jan> also lmao TIL openbsd has songs for each release in addition to artwork
[09:57]<Porter> [url@title] OpenBSD: Release Songs |
[09:57]<the_guest> lol reading
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<jan> . is instrumental . is calm reading with minimal mellow background
[09:57]<jan> seems very varied music lol
[09:57]<jan> . is very hype for some reason
[09:57]<the_guest> hehe
[09:57]<jan> VERY varied lol
[09:57]<jan> .x series seems broken at least songs-wise everything else goes X. X. .. X. but .x goes . . . .
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be . is instrumental . is calm reading with minimal mellow background?
[09:57]<jan> and for some reason I don't think that there's only  releases in the entire openbsd  lineup?
[09:57]<jan> kinda cheesy? or something but not all that bad most of them...hmmm...
[09:57]<the_guest> I started on this network with .
[09:57]<Porter> Could it be . is instrumental . is calm reading with minimal mellow background?
[09:57]<the_guest> currently googling how to get the console to respond (vmctl console <id>)
[09:57]*** bugzbunny[m] (~bugzbunnyb@b) has joined #offtopic
[09:57]<Porter> [-Users-] bugzbunny[m] [-Users-] bugzbunny[m]BugzBRBotbugzbunny[m]
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> opensuse for powerusers (TM)
[09:57]<jan> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<jan> opensuse is pretty interesting and like % of the interest is purely due to YaST
[09:57]*** consumption (~Krenair@b) has quit irc (Client closed connection)
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> I've been using OpenSUSE tumbleweed for  years now and I barely use YaST
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> It's it's KDE implementation is where it shines.
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> And of course user repositories
[09:57]*** abolishes (~capcha@eed) has joined #offtopic
[09:57]*** licensed (~charlie_m@eea) has joined #offtopic
[09:57]*** licensed (~charlie_m@eea) has left #offtopic
[09:57]*** abolishes (~capcha@eed) has left #offtopic
[09:57]<jrmu> good evening everyone
[09:57]<Porter> jrmu: Evening ???
[09:57]<the_guest> good evening jrmu
[09:57]<Porter> the_guest: Evening ???
[09:57]<the_guest> do you happen to know of a way to get the vmctl console <id> to respond ?
[09:57]<the_guest> the tty behind it stopped responding while typing. I logged off/on a bunch of times
[09:57]<the_guest> tried ctrl+c and esc and enter and what not.
[09:57]<the_guest> all i get is: Connected to /dev/ttyp (speed )
[09:57]<jrmu> the_guest: if it's totally frozen $ vmctl stop <id> will work
[09:57]<jrmu> if not frozen hmm logging out and logging back in might help
[09:57]<the_guest> the box itself is running can access it over ssh and vnc
[09:57]<jrmu> I'm not sure what to do if the box is running and logging out/logging in doesn't work
[09:57]<jrmu> perhaps if you try again in a few minutes/hours?
[09:57]<the_guest> tried those Been a good hour or so
[09:57]<jrmu> in that case you may want to reboot
[09:57]<the_guest> thanks anyway !! :)  Can't hurt to ask
[09:57]<the_guest> how's life over there ?
[09:57]<Porter> I guess there is better or not :) I first want things to work hehe :)
[09:57]<jrmu> doing well I just took the kids out to the park
[09:57]<the_guest> nice! so still good summer weather ?
[09:57]<the_guest> or is it really always sunny in cally :P ?
[09:57]<jrmu> yes it's almost perfect weather here in california
[09:57]<Porter> I'm sure here is what I *suspect* openbsd wants us to configure this in a new way where our config becomes a source for the programs that are planned to manage /etc/
[09:57]<jrmu> about C in the evenings C in the afternoon
[09:57]<the_guest> lucky you :)
[09:57]<the_guest> sounds like my kind of environment
[09:57]<jrmu> :) how are things for you?
[09:57]<the_guest> much better now I know i'm not crazy :)
[09:57]<the_guest> have dug in the bsd source last hours
[09:57]<jrmu> ah that's good
[09:57]<Porter> Hmmm
[09:57]<the_guest> learned it would also take out the nameservers once the lease runs out.
[09:57]<the_guest> I found the parts that are responsible and carefully read the ctl program hoping for undocumented arguments but alas.
[09:57]<the_guest> there is a microscopic chance (IIF I read the source right) that taking down the nick twice in a row migt trigger the lease release call..
[09:57]<the_guest> the lease timer I can only find in the dhcpleased and it's control (there it is used to figure out wether to print remaining lease in days or hours or minutes).
[09:57]<min> join pissnet for cold wet chats
[09:57]<jrmu> ah
[09:57]<Porter> Hmmm
[09:57]<the_guest> shokara and me think it is best to disable the dhcpleased and resolvd deamons entirely to give us control over the config files. shokara tested that this also solves the problem of the lease-timer (which judging from what i've seen in the source is correct :) ).
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> I fear that's the best we can do.
[09:57]<jrmu> ok perhaps you could write a new guide on dhclient for it
[09:57]<jrmu> I have never tested dhcp much
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> friendly sigh...
[09:57]<the_guest> dhclient is OUT
[09:57]<the_guest> dhclient would drop leases with arg '-r' by the way.
[09:57]<the_guest> it's dhcpleased  which teams uup with resolvd these days.
[09:57]<the_guest> I'd LOVE to write a better overview but there is not enough info in the manpages (i have some ideas by now but still).
[09:57]<the_guest> setting static ip however that we have worked out how to do on the new system. Lack of remaining understanding is acceptable here couse for vps we currently are likely better of with disabling dhcpleased+resolvd (thus we don't need to understand it further which we don't OR its implementation is just to incomplete at the moment).
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> NetworkManager ftw oh nvm we talking about openbsd
[09:57]<the_guest> i've been reading that between the lines earlier bugz..
[09:57]<shokara> i personally only found networkmanager somewhat useful for connecting to wpa-enterprise but then i learned to use wpa_supplicant better
[09:57]<shokara> (on linux)
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> hehe
[09:57]<the_guest> if you know how it works config files are cool ! yeah
[09:57]<the_guest> just that this stuff is so shiny new it's hard to find the answers to the gotchas.
[09:57]<the_guest> the underlying idea where openbsd is moving doesn't seem to bad.
[09:57]<the_guest> slightly makes sense for a roaming laptop and having a wifi and wired nick. leases and nameservers coming in from all kinds of places..
[09:57]<shokara> unwind seems to come to the rescue there
[09:57]<Porter> I'm sure there is like miles long lol
[09:57]<shokara> or just plain ol' unbound or editing /etc/resolv.conf
[09:57]<the_guest> yeah as we read in the 'introducing dhcpleased+resolvd' article they plan to make that standard
[09:57]<Porter> Did you know that that is that the netstart script ADDS to the current active config?
[09:57]<the_guest> it is already talking to dhcpleased and resolved (and I've seen that also in the source past hours!
[09:57]<shokara> i personally dont see anything wrong with unwind
[09:57]<shokara> i guess its like a simpler unbound perhaps
[09:57]<the_guest> never said there is anything wrong with it I don't even really know what it is lol :)
[09:57]<shokara> it lets you configure dns with more options is a simple way of putting it i think
[09:57]<the_guest> from what I gather unbound is often used to do the entire dns traversal itself leaking less data noting that isp intercepts this then .. yada yada yada
[09:57]<shokara> at least with unbound i can setup blocklists hostnames on my lan and even forward to dns-over-tls nameservers
[09:57]<the_guest> yeah I read that also
[09:57]<Porter> Did you know that that is cheating porter?
[09:57]<shokara> if i can do the same with unwind that'd be really nice.
[09:57]<shokara> but so far from what i've seen in the manpage unwind lets other nameservers handle resolution for you unlike unbound where you dont even need to forward them
[09:57]<shokara> unwind only lets*
[09:57]<shokara> however unwind's config file seems much simpler to me
[09:57]<shokara> especially for blocklists. i think i can cut my blocklist filesize in half with that
[09:57]<Porter> Did you know that that is one of the extra obvious questions?
[09:57]<shokara> since it's only a domain per line without having to wrap them with a block line
[09:57]<the_guest> sounds good I guess :)
[09:57]<shokara> for reference my unreasonable blocklist for unbound is M.
[09:57]<the_guest> wow
[09:57]<shokara> vi cries when i try editting it :(
[09:57]<the_guest> deducing that vi can't easily handle large files I can imagine the rest :)
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> OR slow HDD
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> or only having MB of memory xD
[09:57]<the_guest> :)
[09:57]<the_guest> Mem: K used K free K shrd K buff K cached
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> hahahaha
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> free -h please for dummies
[09:57]<the_guest> what would that do ?
[09:57]<Porter> (???)
[09:57]<Porter> Isn't that laughter?
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Oh this openbsd but in Linux. It makes the value more human readable
[09:57]<the_guest> no that is at home on tinycore
[09:57]<the_guest> Usage: free [-b/k/m/g]
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Oh I think it's -m then
[09:57]<the_guest>              total      used      free    shared    buffers    cached
[09:57]<the_guest> Mem:                                     
[09:57]<the_guest> -/+ buffers/cache:         
[09:57]<the_guest> Swap:                   
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> LOL a little bit more than me.
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> sorry
[09:57]<the_guest> free -m
[09:57]<the_guest>              total      used      free    shared    buffers    cached
[09:57]<the_guest> Mem:                                                       
[09:57]<the_guest> -/+ buffers/cache:               
[09:57]<the_guest> Swap:                           
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> oO it's only MB
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> xD
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> free -m                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ?... (full message at http://localhost:/_matrix/media/r/download/
[09:57]<the_guest> yeah
[09:57]<Porter> Do you think if you're having issues yourself then yeah real-time chat is best?
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> You can't do anything on that thing
[09:57]<Porter> that might be laughter
[09:57]<the_guest> it runs dillo and x-chat and vnc
[09:57]<the_guest> oh and fifth browser. Kinda fun couse i'ts javascript engine don't got loop-protection :)  (which is yay if you need that and whoops if you made an error)
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Nice
[09:57]<the_guest> uptime
[09:57]<the_guest>  :: up  days  :  users  load average: . . .
[09:57]<Porter> the_guest: someone said that At times uptime is a concern. (^^)
[09:57]<the_guest> getting close to  days :)
[09:57]<the_guest> already marked in my agenda
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> hahahah
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Hopefully it's not connected to the internet
[09:57]<Porter> bugzbunny[m]: hop ???
[09:57]<the_guest> what do you think i'm chatting on.. :)
[09:57]<Porter> (???)
[09:57]<the_guest> so yeah it is
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Uh oh
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> You have live kernel patching?
[09:57]<the_guest> not even maybe
[09:57]<the_guest> it's the bare core as I fired it up  days ago
[09:57]<the_guest> all other computers in my home are either disconnected or simply down
[09:57]<the_guest> it is behind nat-router thats it.
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Maybe no one cares about the_guest computer LMAO
[09:57]<Porter> o. maybe? Maybe if you don't like me we should go out separate ways :(
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> But that's nice would be no way to do it here doh
[09:57]<Porter> Did you know that here is what I *suspect* openbsd wants us to configure this in a new way where our config becomes a source for the programs that are planned to manage /etc/?
[09:57]<the_guest> I just make it clear there is no challenge there is no honor to be gained.
[09:57]<the_guest> candy from a baby is more difficult.. :)
[09:57]<the_guest> well the oldschool part of me does kinda trust nat
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Hahahahahahah
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> I mean if it's a good router
[09:57]<the_guest> and tinycore being just that tiny there isn't much running that I don't know of.
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Almost all routers have a CVE
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Some are worst than others
[09:57]<the_guest> I mean.. no space in a  MB distro...
[09:57]<the_guest> it's only there if I set it up.
[09:57]<the_guest> and didn't set anything up for which I can't sufficiently oversee the attackvector (and how much I care or not).
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> I mean they can hide their footprint but I can imagine if they tried. There would be nothing there. Except maybe a beach head for something more nefarious
[09:57]<the_guest> the reasoning is currently: the worst you can do is a HW-virus. Which more likely bricks my computer which is a crap  year old celeron
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> My computers need to be updated all the time. The most uptime I can typically get is  days
[09:57]<the_guest> still crap computer + crap linux and  days uptime.. I do love that...
[09:57]<the_guest> it keeps me hopeful there is a sane computing future besides windows.
[09:57]<the_guest> just requires a bunch of efford.
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Hahahah
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> My living room computer runs Windows only and I live that on only when I'm in the living room
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> My main rig I dual boot. and Everything else is Linux only
[09:57]<the_guest> makes sense and you have the escape to win if you need it.
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Windows Gaming ftw
[09:57]<the_guest> yup that seems to make the most sense
[09:57]<the_guest> more friends around me are making that conclusion.
[09:57]<Porter> Well that is false
[09:57]<the_guest> and draw a hard line actually. They literally just use it as game-machine. And no excuses. All else on unix
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> It really depends right now in proportion. I'm on linux more often. But situation can switch and I'm Windows more often. All depends on mood. What I can tell Linux is my work horse. Evertime I've tried to give Windows a chance I find  it get's in my way. And Windows for everything else. Especially for eye-candy
[09:57]<the_guest> oldschool (wk-era) ui is best for me personally.
[09:57]<the_guest> windows  got really slow for me in my average usage where I must hop quickly between quite a number of applications.
[09:57]<the_guest> so non-grouping buttons on the taskbar is just fastest for me.
[09:57]<the_guest> win got slightly faster in usage
[09:57]<the_guest> for me personally that is.
[09:57]<Porter> that is called #dhcp ?
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Yeah wk-era UI is nice
[09:57]<the_guest> i'd sell my soul for wk till I die.. With drivers and security patches please ofcourse :)
[09:57]<the_guest> but yeah "soul for sale" right here :)
[09:57]<Porter> Hmmm. I think here is *suspect* openbsd wants us to configure this in a new way where our config becomes a source for the programs that are planned to manage /etc/
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Well you have the unfinished ReactOS
[09:57]<the_guest> unfinished being the key word :)
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> If you really want wk era ui
[09:57]<the_guest> I keep an eye on it but it really is no-where stable
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> lol
[09:57]<Porter> ???
[09:57]<the_guest> and borks on the most simple things
[09:57]<the_guest> and I can't contribute to it either. There is to many devs there that know I read more than some pages of MS source..
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> I don't understand why you can't contribute?
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> > and I can't contribute to it either. There is to many devs there that know I read more than some pages of MS source..
[09:57]<the_guest> that is absolutely disallowed. If they find out you are out for life
[09:57]<the_guest> and they have to remove your work
[09:57]<the_guest> and redo it
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> o lmao
[09:57]<the_guest> and they are very strickt about it collectively
[09:57]<the_guest> couse it's all their time that is on the line
[09:57]<the_guest> sleeeeeeeep ;) later all
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[09:57]<robod> good morning people
[09:57]<Porter> robod: Morning ???
[09:57]*** bugzbunny[m] (~bugzbunnyb@b) has joined #offtopic
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> morning
[09:57]<Porter> [-Users-] bugzbunny[m] [-Users-] bugzbunny[m]BugzBRBotbugzbunny[m]
[09:57]<Porter> bugzbunny[m]: Morning ???
[09:57]<robod> how is it going bugzbunny[m]?
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Fine busy finishing up this project of mine you?
[09:57]<robod> I am currently eating
[09:57]<robod> I am doing fine
[09:57]<Porter> I guess thank you ; I am doing fine  COVID is gone entirely
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> Hopefully something delicious
[09:57]<Porter> bugzbunny[m]: hop ???
[09:57]<robod> fried egg
[09:57]<bugzbunny[m]> hmmm yum
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[09:57]<Porter> [YouTube] ?Explaining Meme Programming Languages? |  comments | -- - :: | s | Channel: ?SENTRY? |  views | +
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