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How can you help?

Are you feeling cool, because you've just spent £1500 for a new iPhone?
You're amazing, because you've just given your money away to one trillion dollars worth companies?

Maybe you're even cooler, because you decided to spend £5000 for a new PC and give your money away to greedy Intel, just so you can pay £200 for Windows 11 (give more money to greedy, money-hungry Micro$oft) and play Diablo 2 Resurrected, because old Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction sucks, and new one is better!?

What it feels like to give your hard earned money to multi-billionaire, trillion-dollars worth corporations that don't give
a damn about you and your life!?

You've just reached a master level of coolness and awesomeness!

Yay! Let's be cool and play those games, because gaming is so nice, yay!

I am a poor guy, who has 0 money, I am homeless too and starve on the streets, I will die without help of my
family or friends.

Many clever and good people are in the similar position!!!

Here's what you can do to to help!

Send me money to my bank account:
Filip Matuszczak
IBAN: GB74HLFX11043812063066

What do I need money for?

-> A new camera, cause I lost my previous one (Olympus pen e-pl8)

I often travel on foot and like to take a lot of photos. (Goal Achieved: £0/£400 xD)
-> Emergency laptop, like some old thinkpad with SSD and 16GB RAM
My x200 is great, but I'd love to have emergency laptop to stop feeling paranoid. (£0/£300 Big Grin)
-> A home music studio with a lot of music equipment
Sound-proof rehearsal room, bass guitar, drumkit, electric guitar, piano (£0/£50000)
-> Travel money
Hey, I am homeless and unemployed, therefore I have got a lot of free time! I would love to go for a journey around Scotland and Wales, and later go to Switzerland! Please help me and make my dreams come true!

Send your money directly to help with those projects:

Buy VPS at and support the project

-> You get your private virtual server, where you can host your own servers, store files, and more!

 More details here

-> Simply go to:
- > and pay!

Get familiar with these and spread the word!

-> Unfortunately Joborun Project doesn't mention donations anywhere, but you can help by spreading the word about this wonderful operation system!
Use it and test it!

Register on forums here and participate!
-> Hey, registering here doesn't cost anything.
-> After you register, you can see the full forum!

Join Lecturify!
Services running on OpenBSD or Linux.
-> Communication via economical, efficient IRC (text chat) without any video required.
-> Group conversations are possible for collaboration and to meet new people, like you, interested in UNIX and digital safety.

Thank you very much for your time!

I hope soon you're going to realize where you should send your money away and what projects you should support! <- Rent your server and support us! <- Sysadmin training
My website:
My e-mail:

All the best \(^^)/
Hey, you can help

Just fxxk off! B) <- Rent your server and support us! <- Sysadmin training
My website:
My e-mail:

All the best \(^^)/

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