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Terms and Conditions of Services
Welcome To BSDForAll.Org
Greetings To Everyone!
is "the network of the User", "by the User", "for the User".

General Terms and Conditions of Services
BSDForAll allows up to five (5) connections per person,
Max two (2) connections per IRC network per person,
DALNet allows up to four (4) connections per person,
KampungChat allows up to twenty (20) connections per person,
Torrents are not allowed,
No malicious bots allowed,
No port scanning without permission,
Crypto-currency mining is not allowed,
Running Tor is not allowed.

Additional Terms for VPS Users:
No malicious network activity,
No port scanning without permission,
No activities illegal in the USA,
No crypto-currency miners,
No Tor Exit Nodes and/or Relays.

If you make any contributions to our project,
you must agree to use the BSDForAll & IRCNow License @
Understood! Smile <- Rent your server and support us! <- Sysadmin training
My website:
My e-mail:

All the best \(^^)/

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