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Why There Must Not Be A '2-State' Solution in Palestine State?
"Why There Must Not Be A '2-State' Solution in Palestine State?"

Why There Must Not Be A '2-State' Solution in Palestine State?
  • Reference: 'Balfour Declaration'

    1. - : [quote] The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British Government in 1917 during the First World War announcing its support for the establishment of a 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population. The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917. [unquote]
    2. - Interjection: 'Balfour Declaration' was a one man (single person) initiation by Arthur Balfour; that was the time when the British Government was the 'colonial' in Palestine State. Under no rights that a person or a colonial authority has the rights and jurisdiction to divide and split the Palestinian land - owned by the Palestinians.
  • Subject: 'United Nations Resolution and International Laws'

    1. - There has been various and many resolutions adapted by the United Nations and International Laws that IsraHELL has no rights to occupy, settle, govern a land that belongs the Palestinian people.
    2. - Interjection: IsraHELL continues its blatant military occupation, apartheid regime, 'Nakhba', Genocides, upon the Palestinian peoples who have 'saved' the Jewish during the WWII holocaust. IsraHELL ZIONIST has indulged in their EVIL and Satanic behavior and actions; with an extreme amount of evidences[u]; causing extreme casualties, displacement, harm, etc... upon the Palestinians.
  • Subject: IsraHELL are 'illegal immigrants' in Palestinian State

    1. - The aftermath of WWII holocaust by German (NAZI) and the Europeans has caused the Jewish community to abdicate their place, seeking refuge as 'illegal immigrants' in Palestine State.
    2. - As in the definition of 'illegal immigrants', Palestine has the full rights to deport IsraHELL 'illegal immigrants' back to their country of origins.
    3. - If IsraHELL 'illegal immigrants' intends to stay in Palestine, it is only upon the Palestine State to accept or reject; and IsraHELL 'illegal immigrants' shall be governed by the Palestinian State, as it was before 'Balfour Declaration'.
  • Subject: IsraHELL continuous apartheid and genocidal regime for 75+ years

    1. - IsraHELL has proven to the World (and specifically to the Palestinian People), it does not 'fit' in any ways to 'govern' - both the Palestine State and the Palestine Peoples. Middle East will not have lasting peace, as long as IsraHELL remains to 'govern' the Palestine State and the Palestine Peoples.
  • Subject: IsraHELL continuous illegal occupation and illegal settlement for 75+ years

    1. - Palestine population has been displaced and reduced by the many 'Nakba' ( and genocides by IsraHELL EVIL regime. For example: such displacement has been propagandaed by IsraHELL that populations of GAZA and West Bank has increased; when in reality, those increased has been [u]caused by displacement of Palestinians from other parts of Palestine land.

  • [wiktionary] declaration — noun: 1. A written or oral indication of a fact, opinion, intention, belief, etc, 2. A list of items for various legal purposes, e.g. customs declaration, 3. The act or process of declaring, 4. (cricket) The act, by the captain of a batting side, of declaring an innings closed, 5. (law) In common law, the formal document specifying plaintiff's cause of action, including the facts necessary to sustain a proper […]
  • [urban] declaration - An [announcement] .
  • [wiktionary] regime — noun: 1. Mode of rule or management, 2. A form of government, or the government in power, particularly an authoritarian or totalitarian one, 3. A period of rule, 4. A regulated system; a regimen, 5. A division of a Mafia crime family, led by a caporegime — verb: 1. second-person singular voseo imperative of regir combined with me
  • [urban] regime - An italian word for groupwas used in [the sicilian] mafia for certen groups under [a Don]for example a Don would have underbosses, the [underboss] would have a group of their own men that were loyal to themthese were called regimes
  • [urban] genocide - Word coined in [1943] by the Jewish historian Raphael Lemkin to describe the atrocities commited against the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. It is coined from the root words [genos] (Greek for family, tribe or race) and -cide (Latin for killing). He first used the word in print in Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation - Analysis of Government - Proposals for […]
  • [wiktionary] genocide — noun: 1. The systematic and deliberate destruction of a group of people, typically by killing substantial numbers of them, on the basis of their ethnicity, religion, or nationality, 2. (by extension) The systematic killing of substantial numbers of people on other grounds — verb: 1. (trans.) To commit genocide (against); to eliminate (a group of people) completely
  • [urban] 'israeled' - when [a person] [claimed] something that belongs [to you] as theirs

  • 'Balfour Declaration' is NULL and VOID. Under no rights that a 'declaration' of a colonial, even worst, a mere 'letter' by one single person, should override the rights of the Palestine State and the rights of Palestine people.

  • Various 'United Nations Resolution, International Laws', and nations, has rejected the idea of a 2-State solution, except of course, not from those nations and government who are in complicity of IsraHELL genocidal actions.

  • Palestine State is owned by Palestinian people. Period!

  • IsraHELL is NOT a State - it is an EVIL regime who illegally governs and rules Palestine State which belongs to the Palestinian People.

    1. - It is just a 'group of people' who came into Palestine land to seek refuge. IsraHELL are indeed 'illegal immigrants or refugees' in Palestinian State.
    2. - It is an 'EVIL and terrorist regime' who governs and rules the Palestinians with apartheid and genocidal military activities.
    3. - If the European nations now thinks it can deport 'illegal immigrants' back to their country of origins, Palestine must also have the same rights to deport IsraHELL 'illegal immigrants or refugees' back to their country of origins.

  • IsraHELL ZIONIST is a 'thief' and is a 'terrorist' regime continuously (for every single day in Palestine) for more than 75+ years.

    1. - IsraHELL ZIONIST are those who 'steals' the properties of others; whom should be punished and not supported.
    2. - All subjects (ex: Rights, Ownership, Land, Properties, Resources, etc) must be returned back to their rightful owners; i.e. the Palestine People and the Palestine State.

  • A '2-states' solution is NOT a solution; it is a proven 'failed' solution for 75+ years.

    1. - Proven by many years of historical events by IsraHELL activities, Middle East did not and will not have lasting peace.
    2. - If any nations are supporting a '2-State' solution, those nations instead, should be willing to 'divide and split their own land', to accept and absorb the IsraHELL 'illegal immigrants or refugees'; and NOT AT loss of Palestine State and Palestinians rights and ownership.
    3. - Question is: Are those nations willing to do that themselves (Ex: US and A, UK, German, France, India, Italy, and few others) ? (^_^)

  • IsraHELL is a 'genocider' regime. And, in 'genocide' - its 'undebatable' - Period! Anyone who supports the act of IsraHELL genocides in any ways, are legally responsible as in complicity. (^_^)

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"Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus"
"Δεν Γεννιόμαστε Μόνοι"
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(02-02-2024, 07:49 PM)monsieur Wrote: So what do you think is going to happen?

Resistance and Liberation movement WILL CONTINUE until the Palestine State, Land, Properties that belongs to the Palestine People are returned to their rightful owners. (^^)

Common Sense: Would you want your properties or what you own, plundered and taken by illegal immigrants, strangers, thief, the ZIONIST movement and you keep silent? (^^)
no of course, because that's awful...

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(02-04-2024, 02:35 AM)monsieur Wrote: no of course, because that's awful...

so do you think that Israel has to disappear from the map?

Well, probably those nations that 'loves proposing and strongly supporting' a 2-states solution CAN GIVE THEIR LANDS instead; for those IsraHELL ZIONIST "Illegal Immigrants" to stay; say like:
  • List of Nations Supporting IsraHELL

    1. - United States of America,
    2. - United Kingdom,
    3. - France,
    4. - Germany,
    5. - India,
    6. - Italy... and others. (^^)
  • p/s: Maybe, can include Ukraine too, because they also support IsraHELL. xD

Those nations can SPLIT AND DIVIDE THEIR LANDS for those IsraHELL ZIONIST "Illegal Immigrants" xD.
I think those lands should be more than sufficient to accept those IsraHELL ZIONIST "Illegal Immigrants" xD.
I think that would be better; so they can all live in harmony. xD
  • Just DON'T DIVIDE and SPLIT Palestine Land, because :

    1. - Palestine Land 'legally' belongs to Palestinian Peoples. (^^)
    2. - '2-States' solution is a failed solution. So, don't repeat that again! Its going to failed again and again. xD
    3. - Anyone/any nations who propose '2-States' solution are a complete morons. They are not sincere to achieve 'complete peace' in Middle East. xD
Well, that's terrible to know that 'western elites' support IsraHELL and genocide of palestinian people!!!

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